Top 4 Portable Beds for Adults with Autism

1. The Safety Sleeper Enclosed Canopy Bed

The safety of the sleeper is a fully self-bedding system that provides quietness available, which knows the user is safe and secure, away from danger. The Safety Bed not only helps to prevent the treeless user from hiking, but also the power to accelerate and sleep by reducing visual stimulation and the ability to play or roam.


  • Material of 100% breathable, fireproof polyester
  • Aluminum tube structure, nylon fittings, stainless steel and carbon steel material
  • Double Size: 39 “wide x 75” long
  • Double Size: 54 “wide x 75” long

Reasons to buy this bed

  • Safety

Complementary security locking system provides additional security to every entry in the Sleeper security bed. A hook-and-loop system is attached to the locking head slide of each inlet and attached to the housing cover. This ensures that the user cannot accidentally open and fall.

The flame retardant material adds an additional level of safety. Fire retardant material delays the spread of fire and gives time to escape safely.

Secure stabilization strap, safety berth for each double weft or full size bed, to eliminate inflection and movement of the bed

Ceilings offer a variety of easy removal benefits for washing and changing to eliminate the threat of blockage. This secures ceiling between the mattress and the bed if the security cannot slip.

Additional carriage rear strap so that users cannot reach one of the mechanisms of opening the interior of the bed; The safety of the sleeper completely contains the users in a safe, non-threatening structure

  • Durable

The Safety Bed is made from a durable material to move towards fusion, jumping, pulling, pushing, or anything else. Users can try during the activity and play while squirming for the night.

  • Customized

The Sleep Safety offers a variety of custom solutions to make your bedding system comfortable and safe that may be for the users.

  • Mobile

The sleeper’s safety moves with you. The bunk bed security system is portable, so the user will feel at home, where his trips take him.

2. The Haven Bed

The bed was made for all people with special needs, but it is noted that it does not have good portability.


  • The fabric can be tightened and made without disassembling the bed
  • Mattress size 36×76 and 36×80
  • Medicaid and FDA Approved
  • Fabric cover is removable and washable.
  • Also the emission level less than 14 inches fixed bridge. Bridges available: fixed, manual adjustment
  • Unit is stretched mesh with reinforcing nylon
  • A tubular aluminum frame construction.
  • Metal structure is bolted to corner posts.
  • About 50 inches high in the interior
  • Mesh is white, hardware race is available in different colors

3. SleepSafe Low Bed – HI-LO and electrical connection

Developed with professional advice that reads SleepSafe care is maple or oak and supports up to 350 pounds. Has mattress, a double or queen size beds and bedspring with the SleepSafe bed included these customizable beds can accommodate a double mattress full or queen size mattress and standards. They use antibacterial NTIS, fire resistant mattresses antimicrobial pressure reducing / Mason medical series nylon 1100. Liquid covered constantly, this mattress provides four unique comfort zones for the support and pressure relief.

Why buy this bed

  • IV Fastening stainless steel post 30 “Height with two spur hooks fixed to the head,
  • Windows header / footer stands – no fragile windows are available for attractive head and / or to improve footboard visibility.
  • Padding – individual adjustment Upholstery is provide for all sides protection from contact with the tread The foam high density 3/4 “is easily encapsulated in PVC-coated nylon to clean and waterproof

4. SleepSafe II – Medium Bed

Sleep Safe II Medium gives you everything you need since it has been tested, security, functionality and style. This adaptive bed has all the features of a hospital bed with several options for height adjustment and foundations.


  • Capacity of 350 pounds
  • It includes castors for easy mobility locking
  • Do not select fragile windows for visibility or fixed pages.
  • The folding base provides the placement of the head and knee
  • Up-down set base vertically up and down
  • Quilted optional cutouts or fixed side windows.
  • Ultra-Safe – meets FDA guidelines on 7 traplines.
  • Fine-tuning mattress in the bed so tight, it is impossible to dig deep.
  • Transfer height is 31 1/2 inches
  • Full railing wood length is foldable and detachable for quick and easy access and range from 8 to 16 inches above the mattress.

Reasons to buy this bed

  • Manual Electric – The height of the base is raised up and down manually with a crank while the sections of the head and the knees move up and down, using an electronic handheld remote control.
  • In addition – the head sections and the knees up and down electronically a hand transmitter and the base remains in a fixed position is used.
  • Hi-lo – full electric bed with the movements of the head and the knee base moving up and down with one hand. The movement of the bed ensures comfortable sitting position and movement foundation hello-lo easy-care and transfers.
  • Fixed or simple – The bed is fixed and does not move. There are options bunkie a card (a flat surface under the mattress) or mattress
  • Manual Plus – the areas of the head and knees can be moved manually with one crank.
  • Flat instruction – The height of the frame moves up and down (hello-lo) using a manual crank. The change of the bed height helps transfer be easier.
  • Hi-lo manual – The head, the knees and the bottom of the bed up and down by hand with a crank. This option provides the full functionality at the best price.